You’ve told yourself this will be “the last time” you drink or use. You’ve promised your friends and family that you’ll cut down, and assured them that you don’t have a problem. What started out as an occasional indulgence has started to take over. It’s affecting your relationships and you’re worried that other areas of your life may start to suffer. If this sounds familiar, you may benefit from drug and/or alcohol counseling.

How do I know if I have a substance use problem?Addiction

There are several markers addiction counselors use to help discern if a client has a substance dependence disorder. They include:
• Using the substance in ways that are dangerous to yourself or others. Some examples may include overdosing, using despite having a health condition worsened by the substance, or getting a DUI
• Your substance use has caused relationship problems
• Major responsibilities have been neglected due to your substance use
• You have experienced withdrawal symptoms when you’ve stopped using
• You’ve developed a tolerance to the substance, and/or you’ve used larger amounts for longer amounts of time than intended
• Attempts to cut down or quit have been unsuccessful
• You crave the substance
• You’ve given up activities that you once enjoyed in order to use the substance
If some or all of these symptoms are present, treatment can help.

What kind of treatment do I need if I have a substance abuse problem?

It is always best to talk to your physician about drug and alcohol treatment. Some people need to go through detox and be medically supervised during treatment. If you have medical issues, or have had several unsuccessful episodes of outpatient treatment, residential treatment may be best for you. Others may benefit from individual outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is best for people that have less severe symptoms with no associated medical problems.

For those that are seeking individual outpatient treatment for substance abuse, there are several highly trained addiction therapists at Envision Counseling Center that can help. Please contact us today and get started on your recovery.