Kurt Voorhees, M.S., LMHP

I decided to study to become a counselor when I was 10-years-old after seeing trauma affect my

friends and family. I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to stay close to family and

graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Art in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I then had a

difficult time finding a graduate school that included a focus on some of my interests in treating

depression, anxiety, and trauma, so I moved to Europe and received French psychoanalytic

training. I then returned to receive my Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Bellevue

University in 2014. I have learned that many factors, such as genetics and how and where

someone grows up, deeply affect how we think and feel about the world when we’re navigating

the complexities of becoming and being an adult. The holistic and sometimes eclectic

approaches I have learned are helpful for personal growth or when we have thoughts, actions,

and feelings that we wish that we did not have or are just confusing to us. I believe that clients

need warm and honest unconditional positive regard infused with the occasional bit of

light-hearted comedy as they learn about themselves and others on their path to health,

happiness, and authenticity. I also believe that mental health therapy is a human right that every

person deserves and will need at some point in their lives. If you feel that time is now for you, I

have made it my life’s work to learn how to support you.